Suid Kaap Fietse

Suid Kaap Fietse

Bicycle Shop in George

Bicycle Shops in George

Suid Kaap Fietse (South Cape Cycles) is one of the oldest bicycle shops in George. The shop on the corner of Mitchell and Hibernia Street has become a landmark for many. This owner run shop not only stocks new bicycles and accessories but also does repairs and services.

Bicycles and Cycling Accessories in George

A range of bicycles including racing, mountain and kiddies are available from Suid Kaap Fietse in George in the Southern Cape. They also sell quality spare parts, tyres and other cycling accessories include helmets, lights, hooters and more.  At Suid Kaap Fietse you can be assured of friendly service and affordable prices.

Repairs of Bicycles in George

Suid Kaap Fietse is well-known for repairs of bicycles in George. Their workshop offers a professional bike repair services and quality workmanship. Whether you bike needs to be repaired or just a good service, contact Suid Kaap Fietse for a free quotation.
Suid Kaap Fietse also stock Windbuks (air gun) pellets.

Business Hours of Suid Kaap Fietse

  • Monday to Friday: 07h30 to 17h00
  • Saturday: 07h30 to 12h00