Max Munchies Cape Province

Max Munchies Cape Province

Max Munchies Dog Food Mossel Bay

Max Munchies is now available in Mossel Bay and George in the Western Cape. This South African produced dog food is manufactured from excellent quality ingredients ensuring a good quality, nutritionally balanced dog food that taste great. Taking care of the nutritional needs of your pet will assist in ensuring immediate and long term health and preventing unnecessary costs.

Affordable Dog Food in the Garden Route

Max Munchies is an affordable vitamin enriched dog food with no colorants and additives now available in the Garden Route. The composition of the dog food is designed that your dog gets the right amount of protein and fiber. Natural meat and bone meal is added for protein. Other ingredients include maize, wheat bran, soya, minerals, vitamins and approved anti oxidants. Healthy dogs are happy dogs! Max Munchies Products Available Max Munchies Adult (Dog food with 20% protein)
  • Packaging: 2kg, 8 kg and 25kg
  • Suitable for adult and active dogs as well as late pregnant and lactating bitches.
Max Munchies Puppy (Dog food with 24% protein)
  • Packaging: 2kg, 8kg, 10kg and 25kg
  • Suitable for puppies up to 18 months and pregnant/lactating bitches of all breeds.
Max Supreme (Dog food with extra protein of 24%)
  • Packaging: 1,75kg, 8kg and 25kg
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • This is designed for that extra TLC you want to give your fury pets
Max Cat food (Cat food with 25% protein)
  • Packaging: 2kg, 8kg and 25kg
  • Ingredients: Maize, Fish Meal, Rice, Wheat Bran, Poultry Meal & Digest. Fats and oils. Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants and Taurine.
Max Econo Adult (Dog Food with 18% Protein)
  • Packaging: 8 kg and 25kg
  • Vitamin enriched dog food
  • Ingredients: Meat and bone meal, maize, hominy chop, soya, mineral, vitamins, approved Anti-oxidants, colorants and additives

Dog Food Suppliers in the Western Cape

Max Munchies Cape Province are dog food suppliers in the Garden Route and Western Cape. Get your individual bags of Max Munchies Dog Food from Hartenbos Spar, Caltex Dana Bay, Ocean Safari and at the Hartenbos Boeremark or contact your local agent, Hilda Verwey. Shop owners and other traders in the Western Cape as far as Cape Town are welcome to contact Hilda to become an agent of Max Munchies. Max Munchies Cape Province