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Water Dispensers in George

Water Dispensers in George

Do you have an office area or would you enjoy a water dispenser at home? Oasis Water George offers purified ozonated water cooler options to suit your needs.

Oasis Water George provides refills for any dispenser and bottles…… More Info

Oasis Water Geneva Centre in George

Oasis Water Geneva Centre in George Visit Oasis Water George’s branch at Geneva Centre in Stander Street for all your water refill, purified water and juice needs. This shop is centrally located in one of the largest residential areas in George for your convenience. Oasis Water George offers the finest quality purified and ozonated drinking […]… More Info

Oasis Water George

Oasis Water George Clean Healthy Purified Drinking Water in George Oasis Water in George is one of the leading water suppliers in the Garden Route and offers their clients clean and healthy purified water. You may be surprised what is in your glass of water you have just taken from the tap. We know, because […]… More Info