Chai & Spice

Chai & Spice

Eastern Infused Restaurant in George

Chai & Spice Eastern Infused Café in George is a restaurant offering traditional Indian cuisine whilst encouraging fusion between cultures. A first in the Garden Route! Fresh and prepared spices are used in the Eastern dishes served in this local restaurant. Choose from Mutton, Chicken or Vegetable Curry served on your choice of Bunny Chow, Rice or Roti and complemented with a side salad. The Meal of Day is always a special treat. Breakfast and sandwiches are also served. Beverages include unique and refreshing hot and cold Chai drinks. Coffee, Tea, Milkshakes and soda’s also available. Chai & Spice offers a complete oriental dining-out experience!
Chai & Spice

Eastern and Indian Cuisine Take Away in George

Imagine enjoying true Durban Curry in your own home! With Chai & Spice in George this is possible! Order your Mutton, Chicken, Beans or Vegetable Curry to enjoy at home. Samoosas, Patha Rolls, Chili Bites and Roti’s are also available.
Chai & Spice

Eastern Spice Shop in George

Chai and Spice offers you an oriental experience in the heart of George. The spices, snacks, beans and other products in the shop are authentically Eastern in origin. You can make lovely curry or an Eastern-inspired meal at home with the ingredients from this spice market. Ready-made meals are also available. Various cultural items, accessories, aromatherapy oils and incense are in store. You will even find Henna kits and don’t forget the sweet treats that include Jumbos, Burfee and Jalebi.

Trading Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Saturdays: 8.00am – 3.00pm
Sundays: Closed
Public Holidays: Please enquire

Chai & Spice

The post Chai & Spice first appeared on Lalakoi Directory.

The post Chai & Spice first appeared on Lalakoi Publishing Network.

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