Best Before Factory Store in George

Foodz is a Grocery Factory Shop in George. They stock different items on a weekly base, depending on what is available. Prices are typically half or even cheaper than what you would pay at traditional grocery stores. Why pay more if you can shop at Foodz and save!

Grocery Store with Discounted Prices in George

By sourcing food and other household products from suppliers throughout the country Foodz can offer you discounted prices on a big range of food, cleaning, beauty and other products. Some of the products in stock are close to or past the Best Before dates, but still perfectly safe for human consumption. Other products stocked at the Foodz factory shop include Production overruns, canceled orders, End of line products, Insurance claims, Redundant stock, Confiscated consumer goods, Bulk warehouse clearances, Liquidated merchandise, Surplus raw materials, Close-out, Purchased shelf pulls, Returns, Overstock, Bankruptcy Sales or stock from Reclamation Centres.

Groceries at Special Prices in George

We all love saving and paying the best prices possible. Foodz offers you exactly this – groceries at special prices! Remember that that is a big difference between “Use By” and “Best Before” dates. The government agency decided that expiration dates are simply an indication of optimum quality as deemed by the manufacturer. “Foods can remain safe to consume for long beyond the best-before date provided they are handled and stored properly,” says Dr. Ted Labuza, a professor of Food Science. Educate yourself when it comes to these dates and visit the Foodz shop in George to start saving!

Trading Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 2pm
  • Sunday: Closed